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College of Agricultural & Life Sciences Challenge


Daniel Butterbrodt is excited to issue a $10,000 challenge. The first 85 gifts to the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences during Day of the Badger will help unlock an additional $10,000 gift toward the school’s greatest needs.

This challenge has ended.

Here at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), we’re committed to growing the next generation of Badgers to fuel the engine of scientific discovery we’re so proud of, with support from friends like you. Our talented researchers and top-notch students are working to decarbonize our food systems, protect and preserve water supplies, promote healthy aging, and prevent vector-borne diseases. 

Gifts to the CALS funds will directly support our students as they pursue undergraduate research, professional development, and community and network building. With your support, we can ensure that future generations of CALS students enjoy the same level of education excellence.  

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