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Freshwater is Earth’s most vital resource — and also its most endangered. Freshwater ecosystems are threatened by climate change, declining fisheries, invasive species, and pollution. Addressing these challenges requires cutting-edge science, investment in the next generation of freshwater scientists and broad engagement with community members and policymakers.  

The Center for Limnology is a global leader in freshwater science. We conduct research across Wisconsin and the world to better understand changes to our environment, find solutions to these important problems, and help confront these challenges head on. Support from donors like you helps keep the Center for Limnology at the forefront of these efforts.  

Your support helps us conduct important science and train the next generation of researchers, educators, and leaders. In just the past year, individual donations have allowed us to offer first-aid training for our field crews, supported summer research fellowships for undergraduate students, and helped us improve our public outreach efforts.  

We are committed to sharing what we learn with the general public, elected officials, and resource managers so that we can all be better stewards of our invaluable freshwater resources. 

— Anna Mueller, 2023 summer science communication intern at Hasler Lab and member of UW–Madison rowing team 

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