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7,243 Gifts

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College of Letters & Science Annual Fund

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College of Letters and Science Match


Thanks to Peter (’73) and Glenda Friedrich, Aaron (’94) and Leorah (’93) Eisenberg, and other anonymous donors your gift will be matched dollar for dollar — up to $16,000— during Day of the Badger.

This match has ended.

Imagine the impact you could have by supporting the College of Letters & Science today. As the heart of UW–Madison, L&S fosters diverse talents across the arts, humanities, sciences, and data and information technologies. L&S faculty teach nearly 65 percent of all undergraduate credit hours. 

That means your gift to the L&S Annual Fund during Day of the Badger impacts the lives of thousands of students, each and every day. 

Your contribution to the L&S Annual Fund will: 

  • Empower Students: Equip future leaders with the tools and support they need to thrive in and beyond the classroom. Your gift fuels scholarships, mentorship programs, and innovative learning experiences that unlock students’ full potential. 
  • Fuel Breakthroughs: L&S faculty are at the forefront of groundbreaking research, tackling global challenges. Your investment fuels their discoveries, ensuring their impact resonates across communities and industries. 
  • Build for Tomorrow: Imagine state-of-the-art labs, collaborative learning spaces, and cutting-edge technology. Your support creates the physical and digital environment where future innovations are born. 
  • Share the Wisconsin Experience: Every L&S student deserves equal access to a transformative education. Your generosity ensures everyone can benefit from the richness and diversity that defines UW–Madison. 

By investing in L&S, you’re not just supporting students, you’re paying it forward. You’re investing in a brighter future where the knowledge and skills nurtured today become the solutions of tomorrow.  

Make your gift today and be a part of the L&S legacy. 

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