7,243 Gifts

7,243 Gifts

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Thanks to Lynn Abbott and an anonymous donor, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar – up to $10,000 – during Day of the Badger.

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The Wisconsin Union holds a cherished place in the hearts of many. It’s a place for performance, play, leadership, and learning. A place of shared experience and a place to make a difference. A place where students make it happen, but YOU make it possible.  

Many of the events that make the Wisconsin Union so special are planned and executed by the students and supported by donors like you. The Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) is driven by student leaders from diverse backgrounds who come together to provide students and the community with new experiences delivered in new ways. From captivating art exhibitions to live musical experiences, distinguished lectures, film screenings, and engaging workshops. In addition, Wisconsin Hoofers, under student leadership, plans thrilling activities spanning all seasons, from winter snowboarding to summer sailing. Moreover, student leaders contribute to meaningful dialogues through publications and community conversations.   

Your donation is more than a financial contribution; it’s a direct investment in the Wisconsin Union, fostering a sense of community and belonging for students and Union members alike. The Wisconsin Union is committed to making these experiences accessible to every student, and your continued support enables us to provide top-notch student leadership training opportunities. 

With your ongoing generosity, the Union will continue to bring unforgettable experiences and traditions year-round. Your gift will directly impact our students and the vibrant and dynamic campus life we all cherish. 

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