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7,243 Gifts

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UniverCity Alliance Challenge


Jeffrey & Sara Wiesner, John & Linda Nelson, John Holton and Colleen Goggins are excited to issue a $20,000 challenge. The first 20 gifts to UniverCity Alliance during Day of the Badger will help unlock an additional $20,000 gift toward the Hometown Partnership fund.

This challenge has ended.

By contributing to UniverCity Alliance, you are supporting the Wisconsin Idea in action. We connect Wisconsin communities to university resources — faculty, instructors, staff, students, courses, research, and more — to address local challenges. Local government leaders across Wisconsin receive tangible recommendations that can be implemented while students — both undergraduate and graduate — receive high-impact learning experiences that shape their future careers. We have partnered with 35 communities and continue spreading UW–Madison’s reach across the state. But we need your help! With your generous contributions, UniverCity can improve the sustainability, resilience, livability, and general well-being of our Wisconsin communities. Your financial support also ensures that UW–Madison students put what they learn in the classroom into practice. Join us as we create better places together!

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