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School of Human Ecology

$ 15,786
Goal: 150
100 Supporters
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CHALLENGE GIFT AVAILABLE: If 150 people give to Human Ecology during Day of the Badger, alumna Suzy Oldorf DeWolf ’94 has generously offered to make a gift of $25,000, increasing your impact. Help us reach this challenge! Your support will expand learning opportunities and empower students to achieve their academic and career goals.

When you give to the School of Human Ecology, you are helping to develop future leaders in finance, health, design, and community well-being who act with a values-based, people-first mindset. And isn’t that who we want solving the problems facing our world today? Addressing food insecurity, designing ways to keep older adults safely in their homes, combating parenting stress, and fostering individual financial well-being are just some of the challenges that need bold solutions.

Your gift today will help each student have what they need to graduate industry-ready:

  • Rigorous, hands-on experiences outside the classroom
  • Paid internships to practice their professions
  • Travel to industry conferences to build experience and relationships
  • Resources for students from marginalized groups

Your gift today — no matter the size — helps us educate and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!